Guy Ernest Debord

Guy Ernest Debord has passed away
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Guy Ernest Debord

Died on 5th Nov, 2009
Guy's last words were:
"Le spectacle n’est pas un ensemble d’images, mais un rapport social entre des personnes, médiatisé par des images."

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Here are some of Guy Ernest Debord's friends left:

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  • Alexander R Galloway Alexander R Galloway
  • Alan Pour Alan Pour
  • Allan Douglass Coleman-Photocritic Allan Douglass Coleman-Photocritic
  • Alfia Tomarchio Alfia Tomarchio
  • Ahmad Shalal Ahmad Shalal


  • hawthorne @ 2009-11-05 19:17:25 said: you will live on as an image forever.
  • Samantha @ 2011-05-02 02:39:22 said: :(((

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