How it worked (since it isn't working anymore)

Committing Seppukoo was easy and a very radical cool experience.
Watch how the service worked before Facebook block it.

Note: these are the main functionalities when the services were up and working. At the moment the suicidal services have been suspended and only the memorial page service is working.

1. Login
Enter the platform using your Facebook credentials. Login

2. Customize your Memorial Page
Enter your last words and choose the skin for your Memorial Page. Choos your memorial page

3.Enjoy your Seppukoo!
The platform will send your last words to all your friends and create your personal Memorial Page.Choos your memorial page

4. Get your Score!
find a new reason of life in rising in the Seppukoo rank!  Every friend of your network who'll get seppukoo will increase your scoreChoos your memorial page

Once you committed Seppukoo you can:

1. read all the comments left by your friends in the Memorial Page;
2. share your Memorial Page using your favourite social network;
3. reactivate your Facebook account just logging again to Facebook (boo!!!).