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About the authors
Les Liens invisibles ( is an imaginary art-group from Italy. It is comprised of media artists Clemente Pestelli and Gionatan Quintini, whose aproach focuses on the invisible links between the infosphere, neural synapsis, and real life.
Recent works deal with social media as artistic environment to inhabit, explore and transform: starting from the flickr-clone (2006) to the A Fake is a Fake project passing through the nonsense map representations of Google is not the map, Les Liens Invisibles mixes contemporary net pop culture with new media criticism.

Graphic design and communications has been developed and curated by Parcodiyellowstone.
Parcodiyellowstone is an italian design duo based in Rotterdam.
Born in love with graphic design they are combining their passion with open source culture, new media and design ethics. Through different perspectives on communication they make graphic design meeting crafts and programming, using ad-hoc means and tools. At the same time their research deals with new social dynamics, influenced by global changes and the internet phenomenon.

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