Amr Oshi

Amr Oshi has passed away
with Seppukoo.

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Amr Oshi

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Amr Oshi

Died on 14th Jun, 2015
Amr's last words were:
"Eh Wishe Upoon a Staere, One Day I will leeve witt a PEAR. PEAR is my favourite froot. Nothing comPEARS to the PEAR. I Shall Live With Thine PEAR. FOREVEAR. does who eat pears shalt die in pieces Reeses Pieces. Chicken McNuggets 4 life Let me Leave a Pear For Those NIGGAERS. EAT MY PEAR. BATHE MY PEAR. ENJOY MY PEAR. REMEMBER MY PEAR. TELL THINE WHO CARE. THE GREAT BALLLAD FOR THE GREEN PEAR."

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