This policy is effective as of 2 November 2009.

  • 1. Privacy
    Your privacy is very important to us. This is one of the reasons we invite you to remove your data from Facebook joining Seppukoo.
    We designed our Privacy Police to make important disclosures to you about our privacy idea, that we consider something more than a simple list of rules about how we collect and use your personal information as Facebook do. We encourage you to read this Privacy Policy, and to rediscover the taste of the anonimity and the real right to privacy.
  • 2. Sharing your contents and informations
    The only contents we save from your Facebook profile are your name, your main picture and your friends list, in order to create a memorial page to share with your friends and to keep you posted when someone you know follows you pn Seppukoo.
    Your memorial page will keep some informations public like your Facebook profile do - your name, your photo, a short list of friends, the date you have committed seppukoo - to proudly show your choice of life in Seppukoo.
    If you prefer you can ask us to remove also these informations just contacting us.
    While we don't save any other information about you on Facebook we can't assure your personal data removal from Facebook: you can only deactivate your profile and a simple login will reactivate it. Remember: they're going to hold all your informations and pictures on their servers forever!
  • 3. Security
    We don't store your password on our server, really, we don't use your Facebook credentials for malicious purposes: each Seppukoo's action is under your control and your explicit agreement.
    We don't send spam to your friends, the only message they'll receive from us is just your last words before you do Seppukoo.
  • 4. Policy
    We take care about your informations and absolutely we don't sell your data to any third party. Your data will be kept by Les Liens Invisibles, the authors of Seppukoo, and used only for this project purposes.
    We hope you'd trust a no-profit artist group if you trusted a merciless company before.